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Video Trends in Web Design – 2019 | Avenue De Saxe

We wanted to reflect on what the rest of the year might have in store for video marketing and web design trends.

If you’re on the run or have a short attention span then flick straight to the section that sparks the most joy:

  1. Video sizes & movement
  2. Pre-loader & user experience signifiers
  3. Vertical video

In 2019 it’s time to reflect on the way society is consuming videos online. We now live in a time where digital devices facilitate multi-sensory experiences. People are consuming video on all digital environments & continuing to seek new ways to find new content. Websites are constantly evolving & we are now seeing some new design trends that have emerged to provide new experiences.

We live in a time where websites are becoming more and more engaging with visually pleasing and interactive elements integrated into the pages that help people have improved digital experiences online. As we’ve seen the demand for seamless online video experiences grow – website design has had to keep up. This includes enabling users to play with motion & treat videos just like any other design element on a page. With society’s shorter attention span, it is important to use video on your website in a way that is more engaging than a traditional auto-playing promotional or educational video in your header.

Here are a few of the marketing video trends in web design for 2019:

1) Video Sizes and Movement

The traditional website video is a rectangular shape. This makes sense to most users & is what we’ve been programmed to know as “normal”. With the emergence of social vertical videos & responsive web design the future of video sizes is far from normal. Rectangular videos are still valuable but consumers are looking for more dynamic experiences online.

See this interesting & stimulating visual experience from a design agency Funken in America. Funken or the more subtle approach from Wistia where the video auto-plays but doesn’t feel as intrusive. Another trend emerging is placing video within boxes within the page. See how Jed Mikolaites has placed video assets in a unique way.

2) UX Indicators and Pre-loaders

Currently, website & mobile page speed are huge factors in terms of user experience & search engine optimisation. But sometimes it’s not as easy to make your website load as quickly as you need it to be. This could be caused by slow internet connections or an onsite operation itself. For such cases, web designers must reassure the users that the site is working on their request.

Therefore, one design trend in 2019 is to give your audience an indication of progress. Static pages that slowly load are no longer going to grab the attention of your consumer & therefore you should never leave them hanging.

By giving an indication of progress you can change this experience & hopefully maintain that short but very important attention span. This trend goes hand in hand with using video assets or movement on your website. 

As a general rule, you should use per cent animation for actions that take 10 seconds or more. We specialise in web design and enjoy implementing great user experience for our clients. If you’re interested some web or digital design then check out our portfolio to find out more. 

3) Vertical Video

More than 75% of video content produced in 2018 was viewed on a mobile device. This data reflects the ever-growing social media and consumption landscape that is currently online. These days the vast majority of video captured on smartphones is naturally shot vertically (think Instagram Stories and Snapchat) and the marketing landscape has started adapting their content to reflect this trend. Instagram Stories are currently a huge source of video content online and it continues to be a prefered way for brands to interact with their audience.

Brands who wish to continue pleasing their audiences in a mobile-driven society are urged to produce short videos that embrace this format. As a design agency, we’ve been adding vertical video to our repertoire by producing high-end vertical content for clients on a regular basis. Everything from event filming, corporate video production & social content. Our Avenue De Saxe Instagram story content currently showcases behind the scenes insights and our culture.

At Avenue De Saxe we’re all about the complete brand, look and feel of a business. Therefore, it’s important to reflect on how all these new elements will interconnect with each other. Check out some of our work to see if we can help you transform or strengthen your identity.