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State Opera SA is renowned as a small, specialist company that presents innovative and exciting work on a grand scale. It also has an enviable reputation for investing in, developing and presenting new Australian works in both full scale and workshop form. Their website needed a refresh to reflect their position as an innovator and centre of excellence in opera, but also their modern and artistic aesthetic.


  • Improve brand identity through a sophisticated and modern website redesign.
  • Improve user interface by creating intuitive flow and simple functionality.
  • Provide additional content for venues, parking, and all aspects of attending a performance.
  • Showcase State Opera SA performances through detailed performance pages, synopses, image galleries, past productions and more.
  • Create a State Opera SA calendar to easily showcase all upcoming season performances.
  • Create prominent call to actions for State Opera SA support and ticket purchases.
  • Grow social media engagement & digital presence.
  • Create a platform that can easily transition into phase 2 (e-commerce and additional functionality).


  • Custom WordPress
  • Information Architecture
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • UX & Prototyping
  • Website Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Speed Optimization


As soon as we met with the State Opera SA team and got a tour of their amazing facilities the ideas started to flood in. The team really went above and beyond, inviting us as special guests to attend a performance of Die Fledermaus. This was an eye opening trip for us. We got to see one of the venues, experience the talent, get swept up in the music, be in and amongst the target website audience and of course feel the drama! We took this unique and personal experience to our research and dove deep in the world of Opera. We started looking at famous opera companies, symphonies, museums and art galleries all over the world, taking note of what we thought worked well and what we didn’t. We came to the conclusion that we wanted something moody and editorial with an elegant colour scheme and strong typography.

Photo by James Rogers from West Australian Opera 2017 Production.

Core Design Elements

Taking inspiration from the Opera performances itself, we opted for a darker style layout that allows the photography of the performances to stand out – much in the same way audience members sit in the darkened theatre observing the show. With accent colours of muted gold and silver, the site has an elegance and class that is fitting for such a well respected artistic form.

The typography elements we used also demonstrate a level of elegance with serif fonts used for headings and a sans-serif font used for the body text. The contrasting styles provide a balanced, yet easy to read hierarchy for the end-user.

Website Functionality

To ensure the site is easy to navigate, we combined and merged and grouped many of the pre-existing sections into single pages, with page ‘jump’ links to take the viewer directly to the content they seek.

We included a flexible, easy to manage Calendar event system as well as simple enquiry forms and embedded Google Map’s showing venue locations.

Within the web design a simple grid layout for board and staff members was created as well as provisions for future growth, with the ability to add performers and artist bio’s down the track.

As with any modern day website, we included prominent social media links to help drive the social followings and also included quite a few CSS animated elements to help make the site feel alive with movement and colour.

Going Live!


Approval & Launch Process

With all the content uploaded and the overall design in a strong place, we shared a private link with the State Opera SA team. With so many voices we wanted to keep the feedback organised, so we created a shared google sheet to ensure communication remained clear and the timeline on track.

The design and overall aesthetic were approved immediately with the feedback being more related to content and making sure the website flow was smooth. Once all the adjustments were completed, we had an engaging, welcoming, sophisticated and modern website. Take a look at the State Opera SA website for yourself!

The Big Reveal


As a one stop design agency, we explore the idea of visual identity and strategy from start to finish. We love seeing a brand come to life as it moves through each element and helps your brand find it’s visual solution.

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