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Rusden Wines are a family owned and operated winery located in the Barossa Valley. They use traditional methods to produce wine showcasing the unique character of the Vine Vale terroir. With seven generations of grape growing history, the team at Rusden were ready to update their online presence and build a website that reflected their brand story and narrative.


  • Showcase the Rusden brand and authenticity through through a modern, visually appealing website redesign.
  • Use high quality imagery and video to tell the Rusden story.
  • Modernise the shopping experience for the customer.
  • Simplify the payment processing system for easy administration of orders.
  • Allow customers to create an account for easy ordering.
  • Allow Rusden to easily maintain, edit and update the site anytime.


  • Custom WordPress site
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Great user experience
  • Site speed optimisation
  • Modern look & feel
  • Strong brand identity & narrative
  • Create a solid platform & secure online store
  • Minimise manual data entry

Research & Concepts


We were extremely excited to work with Rusden for a number of reasons. Their warmth and passion were immediately evident, they produce delicious wine, and we we had a great image library to work with.

Like any other project we work on, our first step after the initial brief was research. We deep dived into the world of online winery experiences. We researched as many websites as we could, the good and the bad. Once we had some initial ideas for the “feel” we were after it was time to start fleshing them out.

Core Design Elements

A modern serif was used for the typography elements to give the website a traditional touch, but in a fresh way that doesn’t feel dated. It works especially well when paired with modern elements like the video slider and editorial layout.

We opted for a light layout with a strong accent colour used on a variety of elements. We wanted a balance that was both modern and sophisticated, yet warm and rustic with a welcoming feel that stayed true to the brand personality.

Rusden Wines - Mockup - Avenue De Saxe
Rusden Wines Web Design Mockup - Avenue De Saxe

Web Functionality

We wanted to communicate all of the great content and information that was on their original website but present it in a more engaging manner, using full-screen immersive imagery, plenty of space for elements to breath and simple for the user to navigate.

A clean home page was designed to highlight Rusden’s core values, offerings and products. Calls to action allow the user to find out more about the wines they make, purchase via the online shop or read more about their facilities and events.

We included prominent social media links to help drive the social followings and also included quite a few CSS animated elements to help make the site feel alive with movement and colour.

Rusden Wines Mobile Mockup Avenue De Saxe

Going Live!


With all the content uploaded and the overall design in a strong place, we were treated to a morning out at the winery to go over the final details and refine some of the more logistical items such as the check-out system, user accounts, payment gateways, mailing-list integration and then set a launch date.

The end result is an engaging, welcoming website with a clear brand narrative and shopping experience.

Have a look!  Rusden Wines

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