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Oxfam works with partners and communities to find practical and long-term solutions that enable communities to lift out of poverty. Avenue De Saxe was brought on board to work on the Oxfam fair brand which was launched in 2010 to bring Oxfam’s Fairtrade, ethical and life-changing products to more Australians through supermarkets, Oxfam Shops and Oxfam online store. These products use premium Fairtrade raw materials to develop high-quality products that are easily accessible to the Australian market. They also help to tackle poverty by ensuring that farmers are paid a fair and stable price and by paying an additional community premium to help empower communities to build better lives for themselves. 


  • Create / Redesign packaging range for 6 chocolate flavours and 6 coffee regions.
  • Create / Redesign packaging that visually represents each flavour / region.
  • Create / Redesign packaging that visually tells the Oxfam narrative with a clear voice.
  • Create / Redesign packaging that appeals to current Oxfam customer but also appeals to new supermarket demographic.
  • Use bright colours that make product pop off the shelf amongst competitors.


  • Colourful
  • Strong brand identity & narrative
  • Cohesive with room to expand for inclusion of additional flavours
  • Use of current fair trade logo on chocolate
  • Use of single coffee bag design across all regions
  • Create packaging sleeves to differentiate regions
  • Create packaging that can carry across multiple size bags
  • Use current die lines / printers
  • Meet provided deadlines

Research & Concepts


Like any other project we work on, our first step was research. We went out into town and looked in super markets, cafes, speciality stores…anywhere that was selling chocolate & coffee. We wanted to see what was out there, take that back to the drawing board and see how we could make Oxfam’s packaging stand out amongst competitors. 

Once we had some initial ideas for the “feel” we were after it was time to start fleshing them out. We presented Oxfam with several design directions to get their feedback and see what was working.

The Big Picture

After bouncing initial design ideas around with Oxfam we got a green light to really dive in. We became deeply invested in fine tuning our concept to work across multiple sizes and be easily adaptable for potential additions to the product range.

We developed a strong colour palette that not only included the initial flavours / regions discussed but also included colours for future products as well as subtle references to the coffee regions and chocolate flavours.

As graphic designers, we are continually looking at the big picture. Making sure that the solutions we offer are sustainable and enable the client to continue growing their product range.

Approval & File Preparation

Once we received design approval from Oxfam, a whole new process began. Preparing the files for print is time-consuming and requires extreme attention to detail. We created master documents according to the printer’s die lines, specified pantone colours and even developed the outer cartons for shipment (design inception!)

Packaging design is truly a unique experience in that at the end of the process you arrive at a physical, tangible product that you can see, hold, touch and in the case taste!

It’s always so exciting to see something designed and created on your computer screen transformed into an exciting creative product sitting on shop shelves and being enjoyed across Australia, even more so when it’s a product that is directly helping the global community.


We engaged Rachel and Adam for a product packaging project for our Oxfam Single Origin coffee and Oxfam Fair Chocolate ranges. They were professional, understood our needs and desired outcomes and presented us with solutions over and above our expectations.
I would not hesitate in using their services in the future and would recommend them to others. They were accommodating to shifting demands and delivered on these projects as per agreed timelines at a consistent and high quality standard. We appreciate the work you both performed on these projects from concept through to finished product.

Joseph Killian
Procurement Officer and Buyer
Oxfam Australia Trading

The Big Reveal


As a one stop design agency, we explore the idea of visual identity and strategy from start to finish. We love seeing a brand come to life as it moves through each element and helps your brand find it’s visual solution.

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