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Why Design is Important

Creating engaging content for your business has never been more important. Additionally, continually exceeding your customer’s expectations is another challenge altogether. Even though content creation is shifting into an ever-growing digital era, design assets such as magazines, postcards and print are still alive and well.

At Avenue De Saxe we love creating content on all mediums. We were thrilled to have the chance to design a piece of work for Farquhar Kitchens that will be distributed on and offline.

Getting Started


The Task at Hand

Since late 2018, the team at Avenue De Saxe have been busy designing Issue 3 of the Farquhar Kitchen Magazine. We were lucky enough to experience the very best that Farquhar Kitchens has to offer while photographing some of their most beautiful kitchens around South Australia. We travelled around with the Farquhar team to capture photographs for the magazine, created video content and of course gained lots of inspiration to put into the magazine.

Farquhar Kitchen Magazine Issue 3

The Brief

During our first brief with the team at Farquhar Kitchens, we listened to their initial ideas for the evolution of the magazine’s third issue. We discussed the potential content pieces, colour schemes and gathered an idea of types of work currently inspiring the team.


We needed to produce an extensive image catalogue for this project. Before the designing could begin, we set out to capture 13 different Farquhar Kitchens across South Australia. We covered the Adelaide CBD and even ventured all the way to Victor Harbour.

Each shoot presented us with the opportunity to showcase the beautiful designs, while also allowing us to build a professional image gallery of up to 500+ photos.

In the current marketing climate, images have never been as important for businesses. This image library will be able to be used across all digital platforms. Everything from Instagram posts, website sliders, LinkedIn updates or email marketing.

Farquhar Kitchen Magazine Wine Rack

Concepts & Design


Seeking Inspiration

We have worked with Farquhar Kitchens for many years, but we know that this team knows their industry better than we do! So we took on all of their ideas and concepts on board from day one.

After our initial strategy meeting, we went away and did our own extensive research. We looked through physical magazines and researched latest printing trends. It didn’t take long for us to have built a nice collection of knowledge.

Farquhar Kitchen Magazine designed by Avenue De Saxe

Magazine Design Time

We had the previous issues of the magazine to use as a starting point and discussed with the Farquhar team where we thought the new issue’s direction should go. We didn’t let the old issues sway our judgment though, as we wanted to created something new and exciting.

We started by working on a visual sketchbook of potential magazine spreads. Using the initial copy, we made sure to explore the hierarchy of text and images. Being a kitchen magazine marketed towards renovators and people building new homes, we wanted to ensure that the kitchens were the hero and let the images do most of the talking.

Once we established a solid look and feel, we carried it across the variety of spreads, focusing on keeping the magazine cohesive.


Once we were confident in our initial magazine design we presented it to the Farquhar team. As we were designing each spread, they were refining their magazine articles and copy. We worked together to get the foundation of each piece right before locking off any designs.

It was important to find the right balance of written copy and visual elements just right. With interviews, hot product lists, information about the 10 stunning feature projects, this issue included a wide variety of design styles that needed to flow together.

Farquhar Kitchen Magazine - Issue 2 - Avenue De Saxe Design

Preparing for Print



With the design signed off, we sent the magazine to the printers for the first proof. After this came back we made minor tweaks to ensure all photos, colours and graphics worked will in printed form. Then it was off for final printing!

Farquhar Kitchens Magazine - Avenue De Saxe

Print is Alive & Well


Farquhar Kitchen Magazine designed by Avenue De Saxe

Implementation & Rollout

With the Farquhar Kitchen Magazine print design finalised, we moved onto exploring all brand collateral in more detail. This included a digital magazine, additional marketing materials, EDMs and social media assets. 

We created artwork across all of these areas and in order to help the Farquhar team spread the word about their brand new magazine.

Now the Farquhar Magazine Issue 03 is featured in all Farquhar showrooms and is available for download at Farquhar Kitchen Magazine.

Happy reading!

As a one stop Adelaide design agency, we explore the idea of visual identity and strategy from start to finish. If you’re interested in Adelaide graphic design services or have a magazine you’re ready to produce, then get in touch.

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