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In today’s marketplace, brand image is everything. How your organisation looks to the outside world sets the tone for all of your interactions. You cannot afford to present an unprofessional or inconsistent image in a competitive and crowded landscape.

Partnering with an experienced creative designer ensures that your company’s branding image achieves maximum positive impact on your target audience. You need a partner that understands how to create or showcase an organisation’s visual identity standards and extend these frameworks into creative, project-specific approaches.

“Feel good when you tell someone what your business is all about.”


Getting To Know Your Audience

Époque Business Services provide expertise and service in areas including: human resources, compliance, preparation of budgets, business dashboards, costings for tenders, projects, processes, systems, specialist projects and more. With a core focus on small to medium enterprise they can offer tailored business services without the need to hire a full time person, saving your business time and money.

Jessica wanted to present a clean, modern logo design with a unique and editorial typeface. She was looking for both a logo and a “stamp”.

First Steps With The Design Team

During our first brief with Jessica, we listened to her initial ideas for brand development, brand identity and digital strategy. We discussed themes of ornate, baroque inspired lettering and navy and teal colour schemes. During this phase little fireworks start to set off in our minds and the creative juices start flowing.

“We love hearing about how your business works and getting to know your brand”


Seeking Inspiration

Our clients know their industry better than we do! So we take everything they tell us into consideration. After our initial branding meeting, we went away and did our own extensive research, getting a feel for who’s doing things well…or not so well. We researched trends, successful standout companies and started to build a collection of knowledge.

As designers, we are always collecting visual inspiration! After thoroughly researching an industry we start to explore creative ways to visually bring a brand to life.

Design Time

We put together initial design concepts, spending the time to explore creatively. Sometimes things come together really quickly, while others require a lot more investigation. We have the experience to know when’s the right time to let things breathe and come back with a clear mind. Like any creative pursuit, knowing when to push and when not too is a skill in itself.

As we continue to see our ideas evolve, we make time to think about how the designs might relate to future collateral, ie print, web design, signage, marketing material etc.  Business branding is so much more than just a logo, it’s an overarching theme that touches every single aspect of your company. 


Once we feel confident in our design solutions, we present a first round to the client. Sometimes we get lucky and find a solution on the first go. Other times, we take a client’s feedback and re-evaluate one of our initial design concepts to better suit the client’s needs. If a solution or direction isn’t found in stage 1, then it’s back to the drawing board to create additional concepts and explore new areas.

The Big Reveal


Decision Time

Jessica was really drawn to one of the typefaces we had presented in the first round. With this feedback, we were able to further expand on the logo and create a matching “stamp”. We also explored several blues until we found the perfect navy. After approval, we were ready to take the new logo design and start applying it to all visual and digital design elements.


Once we have finalised a business branding project, we provide the client with a logo design pack which includes all file formats: standard jpgs, pngs with transparent background for web usage, and eps vector formats which can be scaled and used for print needs.

We also provide a style guide that provides instructions on how to use the logo correctly, which typefaces are used and the correct colour values.

Developing Brand Collateral


Implementation & Rollout

With the logo design finalised, we move onto exploring all brand collateral in more detail. This includes web design assets, stationary, uniforms, brand packaging, signage, vehicles, billboards, banner ads, video production, photography style etc. We design concepts for all of these areas and help the client bring these visions and ideas through to completion that aligns with their digital strategy.

As a one stop design agency, we explore the idea of visual identity and strategy from start to finish. We love seeing a brand come to life as it moves through each element and helps your brand find it’s visual solution.

Ready to get started? 


Let’s Go!

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